Here are a few things we do...

  • Archival conservation framing techniques and practices
  • Custom matting
  • Shadow boxes
  • Collages
  • Multi-Opening mats
  • Frame restoration and repair
  • Photo restoration and reproductions
  • Art restoration
  • Collages and muti-opening mats
  • Needle work framing
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Weddings? signature mats, invitation framing, engagement photos

Under One Roof

All services are provided by Cyrus Custom Framing to you under one roof and all work is done in house. 


Thoughts on Art & Framing

Art is not a new concept for Christian Harwell, owner of Cyrus Custom Framing and Art Gallery.  He has been a part of the arts community of Canton, Ohio since 1991 and has placed himself a step ahead as a professional custom picture framer, a graphic designer, an artist, a small business owner and participant in community development through the arts.
As a professional, Christian takes enormous pride in carefully crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that are cherished by his clients.  He frames the artistic talents of many Canton artists and has an eye for choosing the perfect accompaniment to their extraordinary works.  His philosophy is just that framing should always be an extension of the piece of art.  Although many times he jokingly says that all he does is “pick colors,” one look at the quality of his work and his excitement of all things art, and you know that it is his passion.

Our community involvement involves collaboration with many local and regional artist and non-profit agencies to bring art alive.  Organizing many local art displays, like the ‘art in business’ initiative by Canton’s oldest law firm Day Ketterer Ltd. has been a privilege for Cyrus Custom Framing.  Our most rewarding endeavor has been our involvement in the initiation of an Art’s District and the revitalization of downtown Canton in 2007.  Through the network of ambitious and talented people a beautiful thing has begun to blossom in downtown Canton. 

Ultimately, we believe that what you give to a community,as well as the care and detail that you put into your work, gain you the respect and trust that one would desire from clients and friends alike. 







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